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The Ford F100 is a historically signifigant full size pickup enjoyed by truck customizaztion enthusiests and general laborors as well. The F100 was first produced in 1948 by the Ford Motor Company and is still produced today in the F150 version. The Ford F100 series pickup origianlly replaced the Ford F1 pickup and has evolved in 11 different generations since.

It is common to find used Ford F100 pickups for sale on Craigslist and eBay and there are scattered resources online for modifications, repair and restoration. This website is designed to be a central place for potential buyers to find F100′s For Sale and for Ford F100 sellers to post their cars for sale. The goal is also to collectively pool resources and include information about parts, repair, aftermarket mods and OEM restorations. Thank you for visiting the site and please contact us with any questions.

Ford F100 Features and History

The Ford F100 full sized pickup was originally produced right after World War II, the war sdhad ended and Americans were looking to get back to their normal lives. This was truly the first new pickup that was developed since the beginning of the war. Ford used the advertising slogan Bonus Built truck and was the first vehicle with the F designation. Another first for Ford truck owners there were 3 new engine sizes that were all bigger than the previous engine size. Also all 3 promised improved fuel economy. There were also big changes to the cab of  the truck, Ford called this the Million Dollar Cab with improved cofortability and also added a new one piece windshield. These changes were advertised as luxury aditions but Ford also created drive train changes with improved suspension, with the Action Cab suspension and a new chassis that would hold up better in work truck situations.


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