Ford F100 Second Generation (1953-1956)

Classic Ford trucks in the mid fifties (50′s)

1956 Ford 292 Y-block V8The second generation of Ford F series trucks came with a full redesign in 1953. This is also when the trucks took on their more common names, changing from the Ford F1 to the more commonly known Ford F100. The F2 and F3 also changed tehir names in this generation going to the F250 and F350. With the second generation truck buyers had lots of additional options to choose from including interior options such as dome lights, lighters, arm rests, sun visors and even a radio. And most importantly in 1953 Ford unveiled  the Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission as an option.

F100 Engine Styles and Options

1953 was the end of the flathead engine and was the introduction of the Y-block V8 which was popularly called the Power King engine. These pickups had lots of engine sizes throughout the 1950′s.

F100 Second Generation Engine Options

  • 215 CID Straight-6 - 101 hp
  • 239 CID Flathead V8 - 100 hp
  • 223 CID Mileage Maker I6 - 115 hp
  • 239 CID Y-block V8 - 130 hp
  • 223 CID Mileage Maker I6 - 137 hp
  • 272 CID Y-block V8 - 173 hp
  • 292 CID Y-block Thunderbird V8

1956 Model Changes

The 1956 Ford F100 full siz pickup truck is most likely the most popular and most sought after Ford F Series truck to date. This was becasue of the design changes that Ford decided to make this year. Most importantly the introduction of the Full Wrap Windshield which increased the field of visions by extending over the vertical door post. This was also available for teh rear window as well, known as the full wrap.

There were also improvements made to the trucks interior as well including a raised instrument panel and Ford’s new Lifeguard Steering Wheel. This steering wheel also created some new safety features by creating a greater distance between the wheel and the driver’s chest. There were also additions such as the lifeguard door latches and even seatbelts!

But the most important change came under the hood with a new Ford 272 cubic inch V8 whcih was increased from teh previous year’s  239 cu in engine.

1953 F-100 Ad